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If my pet has a major illness or needs surgery, how can I pay for the procedure or medication?

Unfortunately, we do not plan for our beloved animals to get sick, have an accident, or require surgery.  Also, these events always seem to happen when family finances are at their lowest.  So, what can we do?  One solution is CareCredit.  CareCredit is a division of GE Capital.  CareCredit is a company that offers financing for medical procedures, dental work, and veterinary care for animals.  They offer payment plans for these procedures based on the amount of the bill.  The best way to utilize this program is to apply for CareCredit ahead of time and get pre-approved for a line of credit.  If your pet then needs medical care, all you would have to do is present your card the financing will be taken care off.  This is not an insurance policy in which the bills are paid by a third party.  The owner will still be responsible for paying the bill, but, the bill will be paid down in a reasonable manner to CareCredit.  For more information on CareCredit or to apply for a line of credit, please follow the following link:

We feel this is better than an insurance policy because there are not any premiums to pay ahead of time.  If something tragically happens and your animal dies suddenly, the premiums you have paid into the insurance company are gone.  However, there are no advance premiums to pay with CareCredit.
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