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How do I know if my animal has worms?
Many animals can be infected with parasites and the owner may not realize it.  Animals infected with worms may exhibit weight loss, fail to thrive, have rough hair coats, pale gums, and abnormal bowel movements.  The best way to tell if an animal has worms is to examine a bowel movement sample under a microscope.  At Millerstown Veterinary Associates, we take that sample and process it using the Centrifugal Floatation Method.  This is the process recommended by the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists and the Companion Animal Parasite Council (
This process allows us to detect more parasite eggs and more accurately diagnose whether or not your animal is infected with worms.  The fecal exam is included with your physical exam fee.  All we require is a small fecal sample that is less than 24 hours old. 

Can animal parasites infect people?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes. The Center for Disease Control has seen an increase in the incidence of young children being infected with internal parasites from household pet.  If you have young children in your household, you should practice good hygiene and have your pet examined for internal parasites.  Zoonotic diseases are those that can be transmitted from animals to people.  Zoonotic diseases that are the result of parasites can cause various symptoms such as diarrhea, muscle aches, and fever. Sometimes infected persons experience severe symptoms that can be life-threatening.   However, doing things like washing hands after handling animal feces, keeping animal feces picked up and washing hands before eating can greatly reduce the chance of contracting parasitic zoonotic diseases. The links below provide guidance on preventing zoonotic diseases.

What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Roundworms and Hookworms:

What are some of the parasites dogs and cats can become infected with?

Internal Parasites

External Parasites

Other Parasites

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