About us

Millerstown Vet is a well-established, full-service, small & large animal veterinary clinic providing comprehensive medical, surgical and dental care. Our facility includes a well-stocked pharmacy, in-house lab, and outpatient surgery suite.
We understand your needs as a pet owner whether it’s a lifelong companion or your very first furry friend. Your pet is or will become a part of your daily life…a part of your family. With that in mind we value their health, wellbeing and medical care, because a happy healthy pet makes a happy owner.
Our exceptional veterinarians and staff work tirelessly to ensure your pet’s comfort and health. They work closely with state veterinary specialists as well as other experts for overall optimum animal wellness.
We understand the unique role of animals within your family and are dedicated to becoming a partner in your pet’s health care.

We maintain the old-fashion approach you’ve come to expect when we’re providing you and your pet or livestock with the highest standards using the most cutting-edge treatments. This allows us to offer state of the art medical care while placing an emphasis on compassion and client education.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Millerstown Veterinary Associates is to provide exceptional  veterinary  services to companion animals, their owners, and production agriculture;  in order to promote animal well being and agricultural sustainability while providing a good quality of life for our employees and their families.